Accredited Pet Weight Management Centre

Find out how we are waging the war against pet obesity...

Abbeycroft Vets Accredited Pet Weight Management Centre

Did you know that recent statistics show that 59% of dogs and 39% of cats in the UK are overweight? At Abbeycroft Veterinary Surgery we want to do something about this.

We have always had a successful record in pet weight management and as a result in 2015 we were selected as one of only a handful of vets in the UK for accreditation to a initiative called the ‘Accredited Pet Weight Management Centre’ conceived and sponsored by Royal Canin.

The approval process took 3 months during which time our staff underwent advanced training and assessment in pet body condition scoring and nutrition.

Why is obesity bad for my pet?

Pet obesity can not only impact on your pet’s ability to perform normal everyday behaviours but can also cause serious health problems, such as:

How do I tell if my pet is overweight?

For cats and dogs there are a few simple checks you can do:

If you are at all concerned that your pet may be overweight then our Weight Management Centre could be the best course of action for your pet.

What to expect from the Pet Weight Management Centre

If your pet is deemed to be overweight or obese they can be enrolled onto the Weight Management Programme. This involves:

For more information about the programme or how it could benefit your pet please contact us on 01606 40332.

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