Teddy’s Puptastic Trip to Northwich Vets for 2nd Puppy Injection

Puppy Vaccinations at Abbeycroft Vets in Northwich

Teddy the beautiful blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier came to visit Abbeycroft Vets in Northwich for his 2nd puppy vaccination as part of his Willows’ Puppy Pack. Teddy was so relaxed and happy after his appointment with vet Jamie that he fell asleep in the consulting room.

What Happened?

Vet Jamie gave Teddy a small injection into the scruff of his neck to provide protection against several diseases including parvovirus, distemper, infectious hepatitis and leptospirosis. This was the 2nd injection of Teddy’s two-step puppy vaccination course.

Jamie also performed a thorough physical examination as part of his Puppy Pack, which Teddy really enjoyed. From having his heartbeat checked, through to his ears, eyes and mouth, Teddy was well behaved and took it all in his stride.Puppy relaxed after puppy pack at Northwich Vets

Why are Puppy Vaccinations Important?

There are several fatal diseases that can affect dogs in the UK. Having your puppy vaccinated is the only safe way to provide immunity against these diseases.

A puppy vaccination is a two-step course, usually given two weeks apart. Following the 2nd injection, a further two weeks must pass before a puppy is fully protected and can walk in public areas.

A booster will then be needed every year to ensure that the protection is effectively maintained.

Puppy vaccinations are important as they not only protect the puppy but also help to stop the spread of disease to other dogs.

What Diseases are Vaccinated Against?

What is a Puppy Pack?

A puppy pack from the Willows Vet Group is a complete service providing your puppy with all the preventative health care they need to give them the best start in life.

From vaccinations, flea and worm treatment to free puppy insurance and a health check from a vet – our packs give you peace of mind, freeing you up to spend time with your new addition. For more information about our Puppy Pack click here.

If you would like to book your puppy in for a vaccination in Northwich at Abbeycroft Veterinary Surgery, call now on 01606 40332

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