Marvellous Millie Models Medical T-shirt

Cat Spay at Abbeycroft Vets

Millie was the purrfect model when she visited Abbeycroft Veterinary Surgery in Northwich following her routine spaying operation. Millie was given a medical t-shirt following her procedure, to stop her from licking the wound. These medical t-shirts are a great alternative to a buster collar also known as a lampshade or cone of shame! Millie was very content in her t-shirt and even co-ordinated her accessories to match (notice her cat carrier in the background of the photo).

What Happened?

Millie’s owners booked her in for a routine neutering operation at the Northwich based Abbeycroft Veterinary Surgery. Abbeycroft is one of only a few practices in the area to be awarded a cat-friendly clinic status, meaning cats like Millie have a stress-free experience at the vets.

Everything went smoothly with Millie’s neutering operation and she was fitted with a medical t-shirt to prevent her from licking or biting at her wound and stitches. Millie was invited back for a post-operative check with Veterinary Nurse Stacey a few days later.

During the post-operative check, Millie was more than happy to show Stacey her wound – the medical t-shirt had worked a treat!

Why Should You Neuter Your Cat?

Neutering (known as castration for males and spaying for females) has many benefits:

What Age Should My Cat Be Neutered?

A cat can be neutered from the age of 4 months, however, your vet will be able to advise you based on the individual cat.


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