Fantastic Miss Floss Starts Her Kitten Pack At Abbeycroft Vets

Kitten having vaccinations at vets in Northwich

Floss the kitten has been to see the team at Abbeycroft Veterinary Surgery in Northwich to start her pawsome Kitten Pack. Floss was a super confident little kitten and loved exploring the consulting room during her appointment. Floss’ humans had signed her up for a Kitten Pack – giving Floss the very best start to kittenhood.

What Happened?

Floss came into Abbeycroft Vets in Northwich to see vet Jamie for a Kitten appointment. This is typically a double appointment lasting 20 minutes, which gives Floss a little extra time to relax and make her first trip to the vets a positive one. The double appointment also lets Jamie complete a thorough health check and chat to Floss’ parents about how to keep her healthy and happy.

Vet Jamie gave Floss a small injection into the scruff of her neck to provide protection against several diseases. She also had a microchip injected into her scruff to help trace her should she ever go missing. Floss was super brave for both injections and hardly noticed them with the help of some tasty kitten treats.

Next on the agenda was a thorough physical exam, including a weight check. Jamie persuaded wriggly Floss to stay still on the scales for just long enough to get an accurate weight. Weighing puppies and kittens regularly when they are young is very important to ensure they are gaining weight and to give them the correct strength of preventative healthcare such as flea and worm treatment.

Puppies and kittens are particularly vulnerable to parasites when they are younger and require treatment more frequently in the first 6 months of their life.

Kitten Health Checks at Abbeycroft Vets

Floss is invited to come back to the surgery every month until she is 6 months old to be weighed and treated with the correct parasiticides.  Coming to the vets regularly when she is young is also an excellent way to get Floss desensitised to the vets and help reduce stress levels in future.

Abbeycroft is an Accredited Cat Friendly Clinic, which means they have special features and practices in place, such as cat only waiting room, cat only consult room and specially trained cat advocates. To find out more about Abbeycroft Veterinary Surgery and their Cat Friendly Award click here.

What is a Kitten Pack?

Kitten Pack from Abbeycroft Vets in Northwich

A kitten pack from the Willows Vet Group is a complete service providing your kitten with all the preventative health care they need to give them the best start in life.

For a fee of £55.00 the kitten pack includes lots of features including:

For more information about the Kitten Pack or to book an appointment for your Kitten at Abbeycroft Vets in Northwich click here.

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